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Ads on taxis – a modern way to reach your Clients in Warsaw!


We will help you advertise in the most effective way:
  • By reaching both business and individual clients.
    • MPT handles over 600 business Clients and thousands of individual Clients.
  • Select the optimum spot to expose your ad!
    • We offer advertising space both outside and inside our vehicles.
  • By planning the suitable time and place of exposure of your ad.
    • We will select the vehicles so that your ad is exposed at specific times of day and in specific parts of Warsaw.


MPT taxis are present in the streets of Warsaw and its vicinity 24 hours a day, 365 days a week

One MPT taxi makes ca. 4,000 km a month, on average

In a month, it transports 500 passengers on average, and each Clients spends inside on average 15 minutes!

Imagine multiplying those numbers by 100, 200 or 300 taxi cabs!

What do you think, how may potential Clients can your offer reach?

Ads on taxi cabs constitute a method that is verified and cheap in comparison with other modes of advertising.


MPT Taxi Warszawa - ads on taxi cabs

Develop your business with MPT TAXI in Warsaw!

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